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My 10 Tips To Crafting

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Hi crafters

Iv been crafting since March 2016 and its become a huge part of my life.Iv come a very long way from just sticking little pieces of paper and cutoffs to card or just hand drawing them.

My daughter who is now 2 has also followed in her mummys footsteps and become a crafter. Her favourite is stamping. The only problem is she has now stamped all my inks together so I'm left with unusable inks which stamp a whole different colour!

So my tips come from just shy of a year of this brilliant hobby.

1) Do not plan your card. Its not going to happen! Well it very rarely goes to plan should I say. You sit there with a design in mine, Have all of the supplies you need right in front of you them boom! Gone in seconds and you're left staring blankly wondering what you should do next.

My advice is either take a look online to gain some ideas and use different colours and toppers to make your card or just grab a bunch of supplies, a few toppers, A few stamps and a few pens and craft away.


2) Never leave your stamps in reach of children. In fact tie them to the ceeling..... The stamps! Not the children! Although that may be much easier to do so they keep out of your craft stash.
Children love to explore and when you have stamps which you love its just not worth them getting their hands on them.


3) Always watermark your pictures before uploading them anywhere. There are people out there who like to take pictures which they don't own and pass them off as their own. They get the credit for your hard work. Besides watermarking your pictures lets the viewer know exactly who made the craft piece and therefore they may be tempted to take a look through your blog or page if you have one.


4) Do you have a blog? Do you want one? Now is the time to make one! Take that leap. What do you have to loose. Iv had my blog for a few months now and iv recently started posting to it again. I barely had followers. It takes time to gain them unless your extremely lucky! To date I have 15 followers. Not many but I really appreciate each and every one of them. They give me the right feedback I need to progress within my hobby.


5) Stamping! Before you use your inks there are a few thing you need to consider. The card. You need a good gsm card to make toppers. Currently I'm using 200gsm but I know some crafter's use 180gsm and even 120gsm. The smaller the gms the thinner the card will be.
I always use a lint free cloth to wipe over the card before stamping. This removes any stray specs which makes stamping better. I also use a baby wipe to wipe over rubber stamps before using them then dry them on a lint free cloth. This ensures 99% of dust and specs are off the stamp which will help get a fresh image.


So thats my top 5 tips to crafting. As i progress more within the hobby i will be finding different tips and tricks which i can share with you.

Do you have any tips or tricks to crafting?

Have a wonderful crafty day

Love Sarah x


  1. Some fab tips. I'm hoping to get more creative this year! x

  2. Love these tips. I'm hoping to get more into crafting this year so thanks for sharing x

  3. I need to get more crafty this year - some good tips to give me some food for thought!

  4. Fab crafting tips here. I need to improve on my craft.


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