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My First Easter Card Toppers

09:00 Unknown 8 Comments

Hello fellow crafters. 

Today i made some beautiful toppers for some Easter cards. These will be used for my daughter and niece and now with the arrival of my nephew ill be needing to make another. 

There was so many little fiddly bits like the Easter eggs, tail and the chick. It took me around an hour to make them both but im really happy with the outcome.

When i have made the toppers in to cards then i will post them on my blog. Im pretty excited to make them in to cards as these would be the first Easter cards i have made!

Have you ever made an Easter card?

Take Care and have a beautiful day

Love Sarah x


  1. Awwh, these are really cute. You have inspired me to make Easter cards this year.

  2. I have never made an Easter card before but it's such a great idea! :)

  3. These are so cute! Especially the one with the bunny is so adorable :)

  4. Wow these look like lovely Easter cards! it has been ages since I made a card

  5. These are so cute! We love making Easter cards.

  6. I love these, so cute yet original. You're so very talented. x

  7. These are super cute! Wish I had the patience for crafting like this :)

  8. These are just so incredibly cute, what great artistic flair you have x


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