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Sealed With A Kiss (Anniversary Card)

11:53 Unknown 10 Comments

Hello lovely crafters.

Today i have made a lovely card for my fiance. Again its another quick and simple card and although our anniversary is in December its better early then never at all.

*The card i chose was a a4 piece of mirri card which i folded in half and used a bone fold to ensure a sharp crease.
*I then got a plain white 120gsm card and emboss it with a polkadot design.
*This was then glued to the red card.
*I stamped a design on to more white card and coloured it in (Not my best colouring as im still learning)
*I did the same with a 'Happy Anniversary' stamp and backed them with the red mirri card which i used for the back card.
*Then i glued them to the card and the card was finished.

Whens your anniversary?

Have a great day carfting.

Love Sarah


  1. My anniversary is in May so not for a little while yet. This is an adorable card, you did a great job. Love the cute picture.

  2. I don't have anyone to have an anniversary with! I adore the embossed dots they make it look very swish x

  3. Its just been my anniversary recently! This is an adorable card

  4. This is such a cute card, I love it! xo

  5. Aww now that is a really cute card, I love it x

  6. What a cute card! Amazing that you made it!

  7. some gorgeous designs, your so talented and clearly work very hard!


  8. I cannot believe this is homemade. This looks better than Hallmark:-)

  9. I much prefer homemade cards to shop bought ones!

  10. This is such an adoraable card, great attention to detail :)


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