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Up, Up and away!

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Hello fellow bloggers.

Today's lovely card can either be given to a male or female.
Iv noticed most of my cards i make have a feminine spin on them so i needed to do something different.
If im totally honest, Masculine cards are pretty annoying to make. Although i do still add glitters to them i find the feminine spin so much easier to achieve.

*First i took a decoupage kit which i had lying around and assembled all the bits using tiny foam pads. The most fiddly part has to be the hearts as they're so tiny and hard to hold and precisely place.
*Next things i added was the golden half pearls which i added to each corner.
*I took a piece of gold a4 card which i cut to size using my paper trimmer and folded it in half using my paper scorer. I used a bone fold to ensure a nice sharp fold.
*Next i added the picture to the card using foam pads and added the 'Just for you' sentiment.

All in all i had great fun making this card. Its so colourful and will be gifted to a lovely little boy that i know. It matches his personality which is bright and cheerful so i thought it was perfect for him.

I hope you have a wonderful crafty day.

Love Sarah x


  1. Nice little card. Love such creative craft projects.

  2. This is such a lovely card, very cute! xo

  3. this is such a lovely card, i love the art on it xo

  4. What a sweet card! This would be perfect for a boy or a girl, and even maybe a "hello" or a "get well soon" card for an adult who loves cute creatures! x

  5. This is really super cute and different! I love it!

  6. This is such a cute card and so bright and colourful x


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