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A Passion For Paper Crafting

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 I've always loved making things and just recently iv taken up a new hobby of making cards. Although this hobby is one of many hobbies for me it has most certainly become one of my most favorable hobbies.

Bye bye crocheting for the time being, All i can think about is buying new stamps, Embellishments, Cardstock and other paper crafting bits and bobs.  Although funds are pretty tight i try my best to find anything i can within my budget to make such beautiful cards that I've seen posted on many sites im a member of.

My First Boo Boo!
I made my first boo boo just the other day. Googling around for some ink pads to use with my new clear stamps i decided upon a DoveCraft Premium Pigment Ink. Little did i know these inks don't dry! Like ever! Well atleast until you emboss them. I tried a hairdryer which didn't work what so ever and after googling for hours to see what i could use the only thing that popped up was a heat gun which as you can already tell..... I don't have!

Luckily i decided to try another cardstock which wasn't glossy. Low and behold it has actually dried. Basically the pigmented ink is normally used for embossing and will not.... Repeat NOT dry on glossy card. As you can imagine it just hangs out on the top of the gloss and doesnt soak in to the card what so ever. It leaves you with a very messy and smudge proof image! *Sigh*

A Little Tip From Me To You
If you ever use chalk within your makes then a little tip is to spray it lightly with hairspray after applying it. Obviously don't use any kind of heat what so ever else you will turn your make in to an inferno.

So within the last few weeks iv become pretty addicted to making cards.
This personal blog will show many of my different creations which i will be making along with reviews, Hauls and maybe the odd giveaway here and there. Iv also made a brand spanking new YouTube channel which i will be posting my tutorials of many different things. Those tutorial videos will also be posted to this personal blog along with a written tutorial as i know some people do prefer to watch more then read.

You can find this channel Here

If you have any questions then feel free to ask away. I will do my best to answer the question you have an if i cant then im sure other people will have the answer you seek or i could find out for you.
Do also feel free to send me over any makes that you want featuring on my blog. There will be a separate page where i will be adding links of different blogs and pictures of peoples makes for you to browse through. Please email these to

I hope you have a fantastic week.

Happy Crafting

Love Sarah x


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