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My First Ever Exploding Box

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 About 2 weeks ago i decided it was time to make a different kind of card. Something from the normal folded card. I came across the exploding box and after looking at at few examples online i thought id give it a go. 

As it was my sister-In-Laws anniversary i thought it would make a great excuse to make a card for her. 

I wanted to share with you my finished box. She actually cried and couldn't stop thanking. Im so relieved that she liked it. 

Now its time to get my thinking cap on and start my Christmas cards. Whoo Hoo!

PS.... Im really unsure why Blogger feels the need to downsize my pictures and make them such poor quality. Ill be adding these to my FaceBook Fan Page so feel free to head on over and give it a like.



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  1. I've actually never heard of this before now, but what a very creative and unique idea! Your box is so very beautiful and I love that you included a photo of the happy couple inside. I can see why your sister-in-law cried, what a precious keepsake.


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