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A 2nd Birthday Card

09:14 Unknown 4 Comments

Next month is my gorgeous little nieces 2nd birthday. Iv always loved making cards but now i have quite a good collection of equipment along with a die cutting machiene i love to make them even more. My imagination loves to run wild and i find myself jotting down a lot of ideas or colour schemes i would like to put together.

Although i have never sold any of my cards i have given them to friends and family and also pen pals. Im a bit of a perfectionist so the cards have to look right and be of a right theme for the occasion.

This card is so girly and cute! The whole theme is specifically aimed for a little toddler. Girly girl and cute. The added bow on the back of the envelope just gives it that little more of a custom unique look.

The boarder is made from adding double sided sticky tape all the way around and then burnishing glitter in to the tape as much as possible to ass this effect.

Do you have any tips or tricks on making stand out boarders?


  1. What a pretty card! Love the glitter idea around the card and details. Yes, so girly and the bow is a perfect touch. Great job!

    1. I literally adore glitter! Glitter and gems =D Thank you for your lovely comment x


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