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Happy Valentines Day Everyone

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Hello my lovely crafty friends.

Happy Valentines Day to each and every one of you. We will be celebrating out valentines day next week when we go out for a family meal. Me, My daughter and my partner.

If im quite honest with you im not a really romantic person. Just something about sitting there cuddled up watching a movie together just doesn't cut it for me. Maybe because we now have a little twoteen who doesn't sit still for 5 minutes and is always up to something (Mostly something mischievous!)

This care literally took me minutes to make. Quick once through the To-Do machine with a heart die, The very cute panda stamp and sentiments from issue 142 of Papercraft Essentials magaziene and a little burst of colour using Spectrum sparkle pens and ta-dah! All done!

Quick, Simple and gorgeous!


This is a female version i made using the same stamp set from Papercraft Essentials. Again it only took a few minutes to make! 

My beautiful little angel also wanted to make mamma a Valentines card so i just stamped what she wanted which was the same way i made the female Valentines card and then she coloured it in and wrote on the back. So cute!

Happy Crafting

Love Sarah <3

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  1. What a gorgeous card, and looks like it would take ages to make, your Daughters card is something to treasure as well x


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