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Irish Wedding

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Greetings amazing crafters.

Today's card had a bit of a difference to it. I'm normally just making the standard one fold card but today i made a beautiful gate fold card. 
I was asked to make this card as a matter of urgency as the lady needed it for a wedding she was attending. She wanted a card which was Saint Patrick's Day themed.

Although I was literally going out of my mind trying to figure out how I was going to make this card I finally come up with this idea.

All I kept thinking was green, green, green. Love hearts, Leprechauns, Rainbows, Gold, Flowers and clovers. I totally ditched most of the ideas as you can see and I'm so glad I did else I wouldn't have come up with this beautiful design.

*First of all I chose out a beautiful lime green card. I had to make a template first by folding a piece of card in half then those halves in to halves themselves. I then cut an arch out of both of the end pieces and used that as a template for the actual card. Long winded I know but hey it worked in the end.
*The next thing I did was emboss the sections i'd just cut from. It was a shake up between a few folders but I thought the one I used looked the best. 
*Next came the bow. After spending an hour trying to figure out how to add the patterned bow to a plain white bow and then opting to stick them using double sided sticky tape, I cut the Ribbons to size and stuck them together to form the bow and added a cute pearl to the centre.
*Using a piece of vellum I cut it to size to fit the inside of the card and emboss the two adjacent corners with a flower. 
*Underneath I added a plain piece of paper which I left blank ready for it to be written on.
*Next I printed off some lettering which I cut out and added to the front using foam pads to give it a bit of depth. 
*The envelope was emboss with the exact same folder I used to emboss the actual card. This is a pretty unique thing to do as iv'e never seen another card maker do this before. It just adds such a beautiful addition to the card.  

All in all I loved making this card and i'm certainly going to be making another of these types.
The lady was very happy with what I had come up with and i'm so pleased she liked it.

Whats your favourite colour?

Have a beautiful crafty day

Love Sarah x


  1. These cards look great, and perfect for St Patrick's Day too!

  2. This is super pretty and lovely that it is so personal.

  3. Wow, this green card look amazing! My fave is probably purple, but still.. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. That is so cute! Card looks amazing!


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