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Till Death Do Us Part

13:08 Unknown 6 Comments

Hello fellow crafters

Iv'e made a beautiful wedding topper for a card iv'e been asked to make. It's for a beautiful couple who will be getting married later on this year. The actual card will be fresh and elegant. 

This was just a simple decoupage kit. Although all the pieces have been cut by hand i think i did an amazing job putting it all together. I added a bit of sparkle to the back of the brides dress and also on the flowers. I think it just adds a bit more glitz to the decoupage.

I will certainly be posting the end creation. 

Have you ever been to a wedding?

Have an amazing crafty day

Love Sarah xx


  1. This is lovely! I used Sylvanian Family hedgehogs as my wedding cake toppers and got them custom made outfits!

  2. This is really pretty! You could make a business out of it.

  3. i agree with adding some sparkles. you did a great job at adding it!

  4. I love the sparkles you've added to the dress, it looks brilliant!

  5. This is so very lovely! I really like the details in the dress, such as the bow and the added sparkles. So pretty! x


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